I'm the Old Crazy Lady

At my age I've experienced  a full life. Not there yet. I've had a full life and I've seen the world. I've alsohad enough time to say I'm experienced in a lot of diffeent mediums. My mind wanders almost as much as I have. So I practice different mediums to this day. My first love and still practiced today is photofraphy. At first I really sucked at photography. I would proudly show my parents my photod of my travels. Most of those pictures were flurred and/or had only part of of body. One year for Christmas my parents bought me a 35 mm camera and suggested I take classes. At that point in time I lived in Minneapolis so I took several classes at the University of Minnesota. I loved it and my photos improved. Of course today our phones take great photos so everyone is a great phtotgrpaphs. So Ito keep up with todays t4echnology I've mastered PhotoShop.
Today I like several different medium that I sell. One is my drawings, paintings and the other is making jewelry.Most of my paintings are inspired by a photograph. I sell my drawings and Paintings through Fine Art America. I use them for several reasons the most importatnt one is that they ship.  They will  print my pictures in different items and they also offer framing. So I will continue to use that site to sell my artwork. Please check it out.
Now I've retired to Arizona. It's a stat that offers insight to the many cultures. I love Mexican Art, and its very populare here. It's color and simple lines. I'm proud to say I'm in a group of ladies, some of which are Native American Indian, that do the weaving of the Navajo Indians. They have inspired a lot of my jewelry. Jewelry is something I do ship from this website.I hope you enjoy my jewelry.

I also like to help other people with custom jewelry. This is mostly to benefit Brides. I welcome the challenge to satisfy them. I only ask for a photo of the dress and a snip of the fabric. My jewelry is made of the finest materials.


Welcome to the Old Crazy Lady's House